About Solar Services

Solar Servicing SA has 6 years’ experience in the design, installation and maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic systems for homes and business across Australia. Our team of highly skilled technicians and qualified electricians are ready to inspect and diagnose your solar system. A complete ‘check-up’ will identify if your system is correctly installed (as systems are frequently not), and recommend improvements to achieve your system’s maximum potential (as this is often not the case).

Solar Servicing SA is an Adelaide based business providing the full range of services to ensure our customers achieve the maximum gain possible form the Australian sun! Imagine driving a car with a deflated tyre – it is not economical and the tyre won’t last. Would you restore the tyre? Of course; the same principle applies to your solar system. Despite what you may have been told at the point of sale, just like your car’s tyre, your solar system needs care too. Inspection, maintenance and cleaning programs maintain the ability of your system to provide efficient and care free operation.