Solar Safety System Check

Solar System Safety Check


Has your solar PV system been inspected to ensure that it is compliant with Australian regulations?

Although your system was installed by a technician, they may not have been a qualified electrician. A faulty installation may impact the validity of your insurance policy in the unfortunate event of a fire.

With the instant growth and popularity of solar PV systems being installed throughout Australia, installations have been rushed and often completed by apprentices without the competency to comply with Australian regulations. Many houses have been left vulnerable to electrical faults; potentially resulting in damaging fires. The Clean Energy council have recently mandated the revising of Solar Standards to improve the protection of consumers from the hazards associated with solar systems. However these new standards have only taken effect as of January 2013 and there are 1000’s of solar PV systems installed prior to these changes that are non-compliant and at risk. Have your system checked today. The cost of the safety check gives you peace of mind and may save you a large expense in the future.