Solar Services

Solar Repairs


Have you noticed the performance of your system slowly reducing over time? Or, is your system not working at all. Call our team to arrange an immediate inspection.


Solar System Safety Check


Has your solar PV system been inspected to ensure that it is compliant with Australian regulations?

Solar Servicing Services


It is important for a solar PV system to be electrically tested to confirm that it has been installed according to correct inverter parameters.

Solar System Optimisation


It is an irrefutable fact that any shading, even on just one of the system’s panels, will dramatically reduce the overall performance of the system. Often the shading is unavoidable or only occurs at certain times of the year.

Solar System Upgrade


Is your solar system meeting expectations? Is it doing what you hoped it would? Do you want it to do more?

Solar System Cleaning

Have your solar modules (panels) been properly cleaned to ensure the most efficient output of your system? The cleaning of solar modules is very important to the output of your solar system. (Think of a clean car windscreen verse a windscreen that has not been cleaned in 6 months.)