Want to install solar panels? here is what you need to know

on Monday, 01 July 2019. Posted in Solar Services

Want to install solar panels? here is what you need to know

So you have finally made the decision to switch to solar energy. You need to get it right from the start. The margin for error is narrow as the investment will be going on top of your roof and you have to ensure that its full benefits are realized. This article outlines the most important aspects for you to evaluate.

Roof support and viability for the solar panels

You should prioritize on this quality check at all times. It majorly entails having to assess the capability of your roof to support the installation. In order for you to justify the installation, it is recommended that your roof have sufficient sunshine coverage throughout the year. The roof needs to also have the structural fitness of supporting the installation since solar panels can have warranties of up to 25 years. It would thus be wiser to renovate the roof prior to the installation if such maintenance is due.

Efficiency enhancement

It is important to ensure that the energy produced will be sufficient for your home. This means that you ought to cut down less important energy uses to ensure that you only install panels that fit into your energy needs perfectly.

The solar type to install

There are two main types of solar that you can have installed in your home. You may opt for photovoltaic which converts solar energy into electricity and thermal which is used for heating water as well as air for internal home warming. The choice will depend on the energy costs for the two aspects within your area.

Identifying a trustworthy solar contractor

Since the risk you take is in terms of home improvement and electrical there is a huge need to critically consider this aspect. The efficiency of your system all boils down to the contractor you hire. They ought to be trustworthy, reliable and experienced in such work.

Solar power can be your home’s next best upgrade or the biggest nightmare investment you undertake. This is why you have to make a wise decision by weighing all the essential factors. Solar Servicing SA provides top class solar power solutions Adelaide residents trust, such as solar panel service and repairs.